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Mistress Esme


I’ve been meaning to write this for months but sadly I wasn’t in the headspace. The past several months have literally sucked ass. Filled with nothing but sadness due to loss and health issues and more loss within my family which left me emotionally and physically drained. It also meant I had no room for kink as vanilla life took over. All sessions were cancelled! Now I have had breaks before however, I always saw my regulars and favourite subs. This time around was different and I wasn’t seeing anyone. I neglected that side of things for my own sanity. Someone actually suggested that maybe being a Mistress wasn’t for me. I simply can’t imagine that! I have just been going through something which up until now I have struggled to put into words and share. Not to mention, I prefer being in sound body and mind in order to be able to give the best experience I could possibly give a sub. I hate lacklustre and going through the motions. I like my sessions to be fun and depraved rather than me having a cry. The only tears that should be shed in my chambers are boy¬†tears.

To those of you who have reached out, I truly appreciate it. I know I have been shit in relation to callbacks and meet up’s etc. I am however in a better place and have had sufficient time to grieve. So while I am glad to see the back of 2107 and parts of this year, I look forward to getting back to normality.

I will be back in HQ aka my playspace later in the year. During my little hiatus there was sadly some fire damage so I have some DIY that needs to take place first. So I am really excited about getting that done as well as adding some new toys to my arsenal. In the meantime, I am bouncing around London dungeons hosting session.

On a side note, it’s less than a month until my birthday. I am turning into an old cow! So new toys, new decor and ageing. Whoop whoop! So watch this space as I have some fun things planned and a few positions available once I open my North London doors.

Lot’s of Love, Esmerelda. XXXX

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  1. Lusteous April 21, 2018 at 16:42 - Reply

    Always got love for you Ms Sexy and glad your back to your sexy self. Its been a lot but the ony way is onwards and forwards. Blessings always xx.


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