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Game with ME

I have many passions and interest and one of them happens to be gaming. It’s a nice little escape for me. So while gaming I thought it would be fun to play with some sub gamers who get it.

So, the tribute for gaming with me is £150 and includes gamer tag for life and completion and I mean full story mode completion of 1 co-op game. You must have a working headset with a microphone. The cost of the game is not included. You can decide on the game. That is the only time you get to decide anything with me. I will add the game to my wishlist for you to purchase or you can include the cost of the game in the tribute.

Please note that as this is for completion of a game, you will be committing to several hours over a period of time, therefore, must be prepared for an array of emotions to come flooding down your headset. If you’re sensitive to curse words, then I am not the best gaming partner for you.

Things I will not tolerate during game play are; Rage quitting, expecting wank fodder or purposely dying with the intention to prolong things. If any of that occurs, then play with come to an abrupt halt and you will be blocked. If you can’t keep our date then kindly let me know. Failure to do so will result in you being removed from my friends list never to game with me again.

Gaming can be on PS4 or Xbox One. Sorry pc gamers but my pc needs a complete overhaul before I can invite you to the party. You would laugh at my current specs.

So I look forward to having hours of fun with you and maybe trying a game I would never have picked myself.

Catch you online. xxx

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