Mistress Esme

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Name: Esmerelda or Esme for short.

I am a hot chocolate loving self-professed nerd. I enjoy gaming. I mainly play Xbox X Series however I occasional play Switch and games on Steam via a laptop. One day I will build my ultimate pc set up. However, I won’t win set-up wars because my cable management is terrible.

Aside from gaming, I’m probably a typical cliché nerd because I like anime, manga, graphic novels, Marvel and DC movies/shows. I particularly like 80’s, 90’s and 00’s anime. I have a newfound appreciation for Korean tv. I’ve binged a lot of Korean drama thanks to the pandemic. As much as I love K-TV, I also love a good thriller, sci-fi (Star Trek fan), Horror and B movies that are so bad they are good. I grew up on martial arts movies. So a healthy dose of badly dubbed Kung Fu and video nasties (Shogun Assassin). On a wet dreary day which is very common in good old Blighty. I’ve been known to make a pot of tea and snuggle under a blanket watching old movies.

In terms of sports, I support LFC and have done so for many years. I enjoy going to the odd home/away game and singing my little heart out. Recently, I’ve gotten into Moto GP and Formula 1. I would love to experience a track day when it’s not raining. I grew up around cars so while I don’t consider myself a gear head, I certainly appreciate a good build. Especially classic cars and sleepers.

Surely you do more than sit in front of a screen Esmerelda? I certainly do. I love long walks with my dog. When it’s possible, I enjoy travelling and seeing the sites. I love to immerse myself in the local culture. I have a real thirst for history especially ancient civilisations. I am also an amateur astronomer. So, looking to the heavens is really my thing. I appreciate the arts. I used to dance so I know and respect the craft. Ballet, Jazz and Street Dance are some of my favourites to watch. I also enjoy Opera and I am a sucker for a musical.

I heart trainers (sneakers)! I really got into buying during lockdown however, I still love a good pair of leather boots or pumps. Good quality leather handbags also make me melt. I am slowly building a collection. What can I say, I am a girly nerd.

Now, if you’ve made it this far without nodding off, I commend you. I should also mention that I am a Dominatrix and I make adult content. I won’t talk too much about that, as there is enough evidence of my exploits floating around online in case curiosity gets the better of you.

So, that’s just a little blurb about me. There are many facets that make up my personality but, if I spill everything now, there will be nothing left to discuss in privateSo, I hope you want to know more, and I look forward to our future tête-a-tête.

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  1. joe QRourke December 19, 2021 at 23:59 - Reply

    i would really like to be trained to be a full toilet slave to consume and savour all my mistresses gifts@ i was married to an african woman and each day licked her feet,consumed her pee and licked her ass clean when time permitted.

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