• Mistress Esme is wearing a pink cow print latex dungaree dress.
  • Mistress Esme is in a black bodysuit with long sleeves and black pvc thigh high boots. She has her arms wide open and is looking up with a smile on her face as if she knows something.

Who I Am

My name is Mistress Esme I am a pro and lifestyle Dominant based in London. First and foremost being Dominant is not just a job to me, it’s a way of life. A passion and something I fundamentally believe in. Time spent with me is not about a shopping list of ideas, it’s about an ethos. A time when you can come and be under my control thus, allowing me to be the creative Dominant that you will soon realise I am. Using the skills and knowledge I’ve built over the years to ensure that we both find joy and passion in a truly Dominant and submissive exchange.

I’m bubbly and outgoing and like nothing more than to laugh and have fun as we spend time together. Time spent in my presence will give me the chance to take your submission and use it in my own inimitable style, for a pleasurable D/s encounter. You will be safe in the knowledge that whilst all limits and values will be respected, equally, I will use all my skills to bring out the submissive you know you can be and help us both enjoy fun and Dominance in my playspace.

If you come with a shopping list of things you want, then I am not the Mistress for you. I do what I do because I’m genuinely Dominant. I not only seek but crave genuine submissives at my feet to allow me to get inside their head and create my magic on their willing body and soul.

Are you the submissive I require? Would you relish being engaged in a Dominant/submissive experience rather than a manufactured set of activities? If so, start to show that to me by making contact respectfully. Our Dominant and submissive exchange starts the moment we first make contact. Good subs know how to make a good impression.

*If this is your first time and you like the sound of what you read, firstly well done, you’ve seen immediately that Domination is not about a list of activities but about a mental and psychological exchange. Don’t be afraid to tell me you are new, and let me show you as well as help you discover your true submissive potential.

Chat with Mistress Esme. If you would like to be able to video, text or have a voice call with mistress esme you will find details here. In the image Mistress Esme is wearing a black and white maids uniform because it looks cute on her. She has thick curly hair just past her shoulders. She has a white garter on her right thigh. Her legs are slightly spread but her private parts are blurred out. She is wearing a pair of high heeled open toe mules which are beaded on the side and clear at the top. She has pink nail polish on her toes.
Mistress Esme is dressed in a black latex dress holding a Nintendo Switch, PS% & Xbox X controller too show that you can game with her on multiple platforms.