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Just Do You!

Mistress Esme
Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of post in relation to dominant behaviour and what acts are considered submissive within femdom. Now, last time I checked femdom stood for female domination. Not female domination according to a list of rules made up of what sub/slaves perceive as their version of femdom. One of the things that disturbs me is, many ladies seem to have adopted these rules and now look down on others who don’t follow them. For a community that is already marginalised, there are a lot of closed minded people. I may not partake in the same activities as you, but who are you to tell me or vice versa that what turns me/you on is seen as an act of submission? When and why have we focused so hard on the physical acts and not the mindset? If a dominant man enjoyed being pegged and demanded his female sub pegged him, is he submissive or just a Dom man who loves having his prostate stimulated? If and when a man does this, he would not be questioned. Nobody would bat an eyelid! Now, if a dominant woman took pleasure from sucking her owned subs cock or using him as a sex slave, suddenly she’s a submissive. What happened to doing whatever the hell you wanted as long as it was RACK/SSC?

People should feel comfortable to do and publicise what works for them in the context of femdom and their sexuality, without feeling like the very community they are supposedly apart of is looking down their nose at them. The powers that be are already doing that!



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