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Mistress Esme

Make yourself useful for Mistress Esme - London

We all have financial commitments. It is part and parcel of Adulting. However, with COVID, zero-hour contracts, redundancy, lockdown; the strain and pressure is very real for many people, including myself. BDSM/Kink is very much a form of escapism whether that is serving in person or from a distance. Distance being the keyword for 2020. So due to the various constraints, you can’t visit your Mistress, however, just because you can’t physically serve or provide a financial contribution doesn’t mean you can’t make yourself useful. So, here are a few things you could be doing that will mainly cost you your time.

  1. Retweet on Twitter. Now I don’t mean go crazy nobody likes a spammer but interaction is great for a Mistresses engagement. You can also heart and leave comments. Just keep the latter respectful. If you haven’t got a Twitter account already, it’s free to create one and you can create any bogus name you want if you’re worried about your identity.
  2. Regram on Instagram. Now if you have a kink Instagram you can regram a Mistresses post in your stories. Please ask permission before doing so. I have also linked a post on how to regram for all you IG newbies.  
  3. Sites like Manyvid give you the buyer the option to follow as well as heart clips and profiles. You don’t need to have purchased clips in order to follow or heart a profile. All those hearts add up and help when it comes to rankings.
  4. Pornhub  – I have a Modelhub (clips for sale) as well as a normal Pornhub. Watching clips on a verified profile (blue tick = verified) such as mine means I am earning from your views. Now, your one view is not exactly retirement money. In fact a view is peanuts but over time, those peanuts could add up to a box of chocolates (literally).  You can also subscribe so my content shows up in your feed as well as comment and give a thumbs up. Like Manyvids, it helps in terms of ranking and engagement.  
  5. Speaking of tube sites, a great way to show support is by reporting stolen clips. As I mentioned above, if the profile you find it on doesn’t belong to my verified account then you know it’s stolen. File a report and also send the link to the stolen clip so I can report it. Sadly these things happen a lot. So an extra set of eyes really helps.

Now, if you can afford it and you’re currently subbed to then thanks for the support. If you haven’t yet but want too, thanks in advance. I look forward to you joining me. However, are you lurking and jerking? Are you making the most of your subscription and actually interacting with posts? Like buttons can be your friend. If that clip got you off, like it! If you’re buzzing from it, comment and say that. You paid to peek behind the curtain so engage RESPECTFULLY.

The same thing applies if you’re doing phone chat or webcam via Adultwork or Niteflit. These sites give you the option to leave feedback.

You could also just go to my clip store and buy the odd clip. It might just be one but one is better than none.

Showing support in any form in my opinion is appreciated. So rather than think to yourself things are tight or I can’t see Mistress, therefore I can’t contribute, try some of the above. If you just want to send an envelope stuffed with cash then feel free to do that as well (Lol). Till that time, I hope you find the above useful.