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Mistress Esme


Hey Lovelies,

I will start by saying this isn’t my usual type of blog post. As some of you may/not know is that I am big into giving. I used to give my time volunteering in a Sense charity shop twice a week in between doing sessions. However, personal circumstances meant I could no longer sustain that. So while I can’t give 2 days a week, I will be giving my time to Crisis this Christmas.

Being homeless period is not nice but when the weather turns cold, some people won’t make it through the night. Now I am not asking you to give up your Christmas holiday like myself. You can, however, help in other ways. You can DONATE. It cost £28.87 to reserve a place for 1 homeless person at a Crisis Christmas Centre. You could just make a general donation as well. If giving money isn’t your thing, then you can also help by letting someone homeless know where their local centre is during this holiday season by printing one of the invitations below.

So in closing, just know your help would mean the world to me.

If I don’t get the chance to speak or see you beforehand, then I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas.