Mistress Esme

Mistress Esme Chastity cage

Hey Pets,

Your dicklet is on official notice! The countdown to Locktober has begun. So with that in mind, I am offering personalised chastity key-holding for one month for £50. An open padlock or plastic lock is provided ahead of 1st October. At the end of the month, I will send you the keys. Prior to receiving your lock, I will send you a mini questionnaire in order to know you and your interest better. Then a weekly task will be set. This task is tailored and personal to you.

I will expect you to keep me up to date with your progression via email or some form of messenger. If you seek early release, you will be required to pay £50 for said luxury.

I am open to extending your length in lockup to NO-vember however, that is a conversation we can have nearer the time.

I look forward to locking you up. XXXX