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I am not just a pro mistress, in fact my roots are firmly placed in being a lifestyler. I am open to taking on a couple of slaves however, I won’t just consider the first person who sends me a one liner saying “I want to be your slave”. If you can’t understand why I wouldn’t jump at that offer then you are certainly not the type I would want serving me. You must support my endeavours. I am not suggesting you throw cash at me every minute of the day. I do however expect you to contribute towards making my life easier. I don’t need someone to bring drama or neediness to my life.

So now you’re scratching your head wondering what exactly can you to do contribute.

  • Promote me. It cost you nothing to put a good word in and promote my site, clips, blog, offers etc.
  • Buy my clips. Not just one clip but buy in bulk. Support the content I put out.
  • Send me a tribute, a gift or even a gift card. You get the jist. It doesn’t have to be cash in an envelope. However if the latter is what you prefer I won’t say no.

Fact is, I get messages every single day from guys wanting to be my slave. That is truly lovely but, I will always notice those who go above and beyond by putting me first. So rather than me writing an essay, just follow these simple steps.

  1. Get noticed by doing the above and getting to know me. You will soon find yourself under consideration.
  2. Continue the above while you are under consideration.
  3. You will have meets with me where you will be trained to be my ideal slave.
  4. Hard work pays off! After a period of time without major faults, you will find yourself adorned with a collar.
I love being served but I love being served by the right person. I want said person to enjoy every moment spent being trained and serving me. D/s is truly a beautiful union when both parties are on the same page.

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  1. minkus August 12, 2019 at 17:08 - Reply

    To be adorned by a collar… i would be so proud and so loving You and adoring being Yours… not a bad goal to strive and hope to deserve to get such,,,
    Am glad i’m locked, i can be more open with my thoughts…

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