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Mistress Esme


In light of recent events in regards to social media and Twitter removing profiles, I will be making some changes and cleaning up my act. Basically, my social media is going to be PG13. Well, most days it will be. I will try super hard not to be naughty. Ultimately, if you want to support me and my content as well as see naughty tidbits, I suggest subscribing to my fan club(s) (Femdom and Kink) or (Femdom, Toilet, ABDL and Taboo). For those of you who don’t want to subscribe but still want to buy, my clips are available in my clip stores and

If you haven’t already signed up to my newsletter, I recommend that you do that in order not to miss out on any updates. Also, if my social media is removed we can still stay in touch. Plus, I will be giving away a freebie every month direct to your inbox. It cost you nothing to sign up.


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Which Newsletter?

Now, if you weren’t aware, the government are planning on bringing in the Nordic Model. If you’ve seen me for a session or wish to see me when it’s safe to do so, then please sign this If the Nordic Model happens, this will change the landscape drastically for sex workers and those of you who enjoy seeing us. So, if you truly enjoy one to one interaction whether with me or someone else, please sign it and share it if you’re a UK resident before it’s too late. Nobody wants to be criminalised for what goes on between two consenting adults.

I know this is all a bit much of a downer but, I hope you’re safe and well? I look forward to connecting with you and hopefully seeing you soon(ish).

Till then it’s Netflixs and Porn!

Your Mistress Esme XOXO