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Can’t we all just get along? Clearly not! There are aspects of being a Mistresses that rarely get discussed amongst counterparts. A prime example of that is the day to day verbal abuse we endure at the hands of those who claim to literally worship the ground we walk upon. A tweet by @LibertyDomme inspired me to write this post. The amount of times I have been called a cunt, a black bitch, fat black bitch or my personal favourite “whore of Babylon” is astronomical. What possesses a man to dig so deep into his vast verbal databank to call me such names: ­REJECTION! Yes I said the R world (gasp)

I have to wonder how these men manage day to day. I mean if they get rejected for a job, mortgage, bank account or tinder date do they behave in the same fashion? Is the bank manager a (pick ethnicity) Cunt? Is the tinder date a whore due to having a life and not responding within 5 minutes? The answer is No. Yet when it comes down to a man’s particular fetishes it appears the gloves are off.  Many, not all have lost their sense of reason and manners. One might say it shows that person’s true colours which I believe it does however, it’s uncalled for and needs addressing. Just because we are sex workers, a proportion of so called submissive men feel non-consensual verbal abuse is acceptable. Within the bdsm community there appears to be no consequence for said actions. I, like many others just press block, but why must these offenses go unpunished? If a man or woman on the street started verbally abusing me or any other person for that matter, I/they would not stand for it. Depending on how far that encounter escalated we may even call the police. So why do we accept or tolerate it within bdsm or whatever line of sex work you’re in?

Being a sex worker does mean you have to have thick skin but we are human and we have feelings. We are not numb robots churning out fantasies. So the next time someone says they aren’t interested, think about how many times in a day they have had to put up with crap for just saying NO.

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  1. minkus August 12, 2019 at 16:52 - Reply

    It is a sad fact that there are so many rude self centred people about Mistress, respect to You for having to endure such behaviour…

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