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Mistress Esme


I pose this question because I get a lot of enquires from men wanting to serve me. Now If I spent all day conversing with every guy that sends me a message asking to serve, I wouldn’t physically have time to do anything. Therefore I have a simple requirement. If you’re serious prove you’re serious. Those who aren’t drop off easily. Which saves me wasting my time on someone who clearly didn’t want to put the time in with me. So all that is left is for a mere few genuine souls is to court me. Yes I used the word court as in courting. It’s an old fashion term but still a requirement.

The response I get is “I know how to do that with a vanilla woman but not a Mistress”. So does that mean I have to be vanilla to be considered a woman? Why is courting a vanilla woman any different to courting a Mistress? We are still women however one has an interest in female domination while the other does not. A mistress still has a vanilla life. A mistress still enjoys vanilla activities and hobbies. So why is there such a divide in some men’s mind.

Surely getting to know a Mistress and vice versa only helps cement the foundations as well as make play even more enjoyable. Unless having a connection is irrelevant to you?

So tell me, do you see a woman or just a Mistress?

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  1. minkus August 12, 2019 at 16:57 - Reply

    i see a Woman, One who is dominant, and enjoys Her vocation, You deserve praise and devotion Mistress 🙂

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