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Yes, I truly enjoy it. If I am not enjoying something my face is a dead give away. Therefore, I never partake in activities that simply don't do it for me. I cannot just go through the motions. I have highlighted some activities which I specialise in below:




Mistress Esme offering Scat and Hardsports sessions in London UK


Those of you that know me know my love for all things Scat/hardsports. This is very much a personal fetish for me and a huge turn on. I also think it's the ultimate form of submission and degradation.

I've blogged about it, made clips you name it. I am a huge KV fan.

Check out my clips at Scat Shop if you don't believe me.

Chastity Mistress Uk


Self-locking is fine but let's be honest, It will never compare to ME holding the key to what is now my dicklet. I dictate the terms of when and how you get a release.

Welcome to Dick Management 101.

Class begins with a shiny padlock being clicked into place.

I will tease you with my mind, body and toys while you are strung up unable to move. You want me, your dicklets wants me but, do i want you enough to unlock you?

Keyholding services are also available.

Mistress Esme offering facesitting  sessions in London


Imagine yourself laying on your back and bound. You look up and see my curvaceous ass getting lower and lower until you feel it on top of your face.

You can smell me! You can feel how moist I am.

*with or without panties

Nanny Esme. ABDL Nanny offering sessions in London UK


One of my favouite things is regression role play. I love coereced regression as well as nappy humiliation. I also enjoy a more traditional mummy or nanny roleplay. ABF is also something I am open to however, at my own discretion. 

Mistress Esme offering Forced bi sessions in London


This is not how mummy/sister should be playing with you but, it seems like we just can't help ourselves when alone. If it's not mummy making her step-son drink cum, it's your naughty sister teasing you and making you worship her arse. Such a

dysfunctional household.

Check out my taboo and ABDL members site

The breadth of my activities is not limited to the above. I have an extensive repotoire of play I enjoy which i've listed below:

  • Anal Play: Strapon, Butt plugs, Fisting & Stretching
  • Bastinado - Not the red bottom heels you were expecting 
  • Bondage - Where do you think you're going?
  • Boot/heel Worship - Lick till they shine
  • Cock and Ball Torture - Your moans turn me on 
  • Confinement ONLY
  • Corporal/Parental/Judicial Punishment
  • Cuddles - Cause sometimes you just need your Mistress to say things will be ok
  • Electrical Stimulation - Zap Zap to your balls and anus
  • Feminisation/ Sissification & Sissy Training - You will go to the ball.
  • Financial Domination - You must have a realistic budget. 
  • Flogging
  • Foot Fetish - Lick it real good
  • Forced Feeding 
  • DGFE - Lady in the streets, sadistic bitch in the sheets. You will be on your back taking it. 
  • Humiliation - I love to laugh
  • Medical Scenes: Cupping, Enemas, Needles, Shaving, Sounds
  • Mummification: wrap or rubber encasement
  • Nipple Torture
  • Orgasm Denial - Cumming is a privilege not reserved for you
  • Over the Knee Spanking  (OTK) - Someones been naughty
  • Role Play: Babysitter, Boss, Bully, Secretary Etc
  • Sensory Deprivation - The suspense of not seeing or hearing me is killing you
  • Spitting 
  • Sploshing – Shopping list will be provided. 
  • Squirting - I love to cum.
  • Taboo roleplay - Mummy, Aunty, Sister, Daughter 
  • Tickle Torture - Till you pee your pants 
  • Trampling 
  • Watersports - Thirsty?
  • Wax play 



I know it's not always possible to serve me in person, therefore, you can serve me via phone or webcam on Adultwork or Niteflirt using the links' below.

Call Mistress Esme for phone sex on

If you don't wish to create an account but still want to serve, you can Skype or What's App video call me. I charge £3 per minute for cam and the minimum amount of time is 10 minutes. For phone chat, it is £2 per minute. 

Sexting with me means we get straight down to the kinky fun as per my interest above. You may send me a couple of pictures so I know you’re doing as you’re told.

Packages are as follow:

  • £25 for 10 minutes
  • £35 for 20 minutes
  • £45 for 30 minutes

Sexting isn’t for everyone which is why I enjoy the Dominant Girlfriend Experience. You get to message me all day or night. This is a nice slow burn where we get to know more about each other. Really delve into our likes and dislikes. It won’t just be about getting down to business. There will be a level of intimacy as well as building trust like any relationship. I am your non-judgemental dominant girlfriend who is there to help push you in the right direction. You will be able to send me voice notes, pics and vids of yourself. I will naturally be a little flirty at times as well as a tease. So I might if the mood takes me send pictures and voice notes.

Dom GFE packages (4 hours per day):

  • 1 day £150
  • 2 days £250
  • 3 days £350
  • 1 week £590
  • 1 month is available however, it’s best after an initial period of getting to know each other. Then we can agree on a price.

*If during our time you want to add in a video call, then that video chat will be at my usual rate.

Payment is paid in advance via bank transfer (details here). Once you have made initial contact and paid the tribute, my Skype ID will be provided.



Whilst I enjoy real-time, I understand that it's not feasible for everyone. So, I am offering personalised chastity key-holding. An open padlock or plastic lock is provided. When the duration is up, I will send you the keys. Prior to receiving your lock, I will send you a mini questionnaire in order to know you and your interest better. Then a weekly task will be set. This task is tailored and personal to you.

I will expect you to keep me up to date with your progression via email or some form of messenger. If you seek early release, you will be required to pay £50 for said luxury.

2 weeks lockup £70

1-month lockup £140

I am open to extending your length in lockup however, that is a conversation we can have nearer the time.

If you have a keyless device such as the Cellmate, please let me so I can make sure I have downloaded the app.

*Padlock and key will be sent in discrete packaging.