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Cam or Phone

I know it’s not always possible to serve me in person, therefore, you can serve me via phone or webcam on Adultwork or Niteflirt using the links below.

Call Mistress Esme for phone sex on

If you don’t wish to create an account but still want to serve, you can Skype or What’s App video call me. I charge £2 per minute for phone chat and £3 per minute for cam. The minimum amount of time is 10 minutes. 

Text Packages

Sexting with me means we get straight down to the kinky fun as per my interest above.

Packages are as follows:

  • £25 for 10 minutes
  • £50 for 20 minutes
  • £75 for 30 minutes
  • £220 for 2 hours
  • £440 for 4 hours
  • £660 for 6 hours

Sexting isn’t for everyone which is why I enjoy the Dominant Girlfriend Experience. You get to message me. This is a nice slow burn where we get to know more about each other. Really delve into our likes and dislikes. It won’t just be about getting down to business. There will be a level of intimacy as well as building trust like in any relationship. I am your non-judgemental dominant girlfriend who is there to help push you in the right direction. You will be able to send me voice notes, pics and videos of yourself. I will naturally be a little flirty at times as well as a tease.

Dom GFE packages:

  • Daily £150 – Chat thought the day, 20 minutes of sexting, 2 selfies, morning and evening voice note.
  • Weekly £500 – Daily chat including selfies, Interdaily 20-minute sexting, One 20 minute video call, Morning and evening voice note

*If during our time you want to add in a video call, then that video chat will be at my usual rate.

Payment is paid in advance via bank transfer. Once you have made initial contact and paid the tribute, my Skype ID or what’s app will be provided.


Whilst I enjoy real-time, I understand that it’s not feasible for everyone. So, I am offering personalised chastity key-holding. An open padlock or plastic lock is provided. When the duration is up, I will send you the keys. Prior to receiving your lock, I will send you a mini questionnaire in order to know you and your interest better. Then a weekly task will be set. This task is tailored and personal to you.

I will expect you to keep me up to date with your progression via email or some form of messenger. If you seek early release, you must pay £50 for said luxury.

2 weeks lockup £70

1-month lockup £140

I am open to extending your length in lockup however, that is a conversation we can have nearer the time.

If you have a keyless device such as the Cellmate, please let me so I can make sure I have downloaded the app.

*Padlock and key will be sent in discrete packaging. 

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